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Boys and Girls Clubs of America

Boys and Girls Club of America

Since 2018, Taste Media Group has been a dedicated partner to Boys & Girls Clubs of America, amplifying their impact through strategic video production. TMG showcases the transformative experiences offered by Boys & Girls Clubs of America to achieve their mission of empowering youth to reach their full potential. TMG has produced videos for the marketing, partnerships, military, events and program teams across the organization to help enhance their message.

BGCA x Panda Cares Foundation

Panda Cares partners with Boys and Girls Clubs of America to create opportunities for kids and teens through their “Centers of Hope,” to foster learning, leadership, and increase academic excellence in Clubs. This partnership empowers thousands of kids and teens to build their character and leadership through the growing thirty-five Panda Cares Centers of Hope across the country. Taste Media Group has produced content at Centers of Hope nationwide to create a louder voice for the amazing stories of Club Kids and the impact of BGCA’s life-changing programs.

Celebrating the 5,000th Boys and Girls Clubs of America Opening

In 2023, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America celebrated their 5,000th club opening in Elgin, IL with special guest, Denzel Washington, Boys and Girls Club Alum and National Spokesperson who delivered the events keynotes alongside BGCA President Jim Clark. TMG proudly celebrated this milestone by honoring the legacy of the organization as a trusted partner full-service video production company.

Boys and Girls Clubs of America National Military Youth of the Year

The Boys & Girls Clubs of America stands by military-connected youth program legacy leaders, equipping them to tackle unique challenges through creating safe, supportive spaces for young people navigating military life. TMG has worked closely with the military team to produce virtual programming and also produced this video highlighting 10 Years of the Military Youth of the Year.

Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

The Boys and Girls Clubs of America proudly shines a light on the diverse journeys of its distinguished alumni from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. TMG has produced content at multiple events throughout the years highlighting the events and the stories of the inductees. The incredible impact of alumni from those in entertainment, government, the military, sports, and business are showcased in this annual event.

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