Weather the Odds with Cheryl Scott – NFL Week 11

Weather The Odds - Week 11

You bet weather will impact some NFL games this weekend! Big Weather changes expected across the country! It will be much colder for many cities and high winds expected across the Ohio Valley, Mid Atlantic and the East Coast. Enjoyed some time along the 606 with Lola for this one. Here's this week's "Weather The Odds"! Field Forecasts: Steelers @ Browns: Temp: 40Winds:WNW 25 - 35 mphSkies: Cloudy Ravens @ Cowboys:Temp: 65Winds: S 10 - 15Skies: SunnyJaguars @ Lions:Temp: 38Wind: NW 20 - 30 mphSkies: Partly sunnyTitans @ Colts: Temp: 40Wind: WNW 10 - 15 Skies: Sunny Bills @ Bengals: Temp: 40Wind: WNW 10 - 20Skies: Sunny Buccaneers @ Chiefs: Temp: 55Wind: SE 10 - 15Skies: Partly CloudyBears @ Giants: Temp: 48Wind: W 20 - 30 mphSkies: CloudyDolphins @ Rams: Temp: 66Wind: LightSkies: Rain Showers Patriots @ 49ers: Temp: 57Wind: SW 5 - 10Skies: Few ShowersEagles @ SeahawksTemp: 53Wind: SE 10 - 15Skies: Passing ShowersPackers @ Redskins:Temp: 36Wind: W 20 - 30 mphSkies: Mostly Clear

Posted by Cheryl Scott ABC7 on Friday, November 18, 2016

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