LinkedIn as a Video Platform

LinkedIn as a Video Platform

For most in the professional realm LinkedIn has become the online resource for their career. From hosting your resume, posting relevant content, and joining like-minded professionals – the platform is the strongest for those looking to connect “professionally.”

As a video content producer, I am extremely intrigued by the recent mumblings that LinkedIn will be hosting it’s own native video player, as this is really the last amongst the big five social platforms to offer this. As we have seen with the other social networks- once they open up to native video uploading, the dynamics of the platform change. The possibility of opening up LinkedIn to native video offers a specialized channel for businesses looking to attract awareness in the B2Bspace and also to attract new talent.

Currently, the purpose of visiting LinkedIn is not to consume video content. We just don’t expect it, but brands are run by people and people use LinkedIn –yet anecdotally speaking I just do not see nearly as much video content on LinkedIn. This is an opportunity for companies and for those that were late to producing video content this could represent a “start over” opportunity – and probably their best chance yet to see an ROI on their video spend. Also- the main thing will be LinkedIn (hopefully) not serving ads on the platform – as Youtube and Facebook offer content to the masses and can validate why pre-roll ads work on their platforms – if a company is going to post a video on LinkedIn they will not want any interruptions in that message- which is why I predict the only logical way of monetization being for paying for reach – which given the platform makes perfect sense for a company.

The opportunity to use this powerful platform to create niche content should also be viewed as an incredible opportunity for creating value propositions to prospective employees. As millennials move up the corporate ladder and digital natives enter the workforce they will judge a company based on their content. And whether HR departments and the C-Suite want to admit it, their next CEO might just submit a resume to their competitor because they had a great video library on LinkedIn and looked like a progressive company – as opposed to company profile that simply has a mission statement and rests on their heritage. And with their eye towards a acquisition on the talent side, the future of LinkedIn only stands to strengthen the companies and users it represents.

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